Friday’s Wedding Photo Fix

Me, I’m a big fan of wacky wedding photos. I actually have a photo of my groom in my hand ‘under the thumb’ from our own wedding day… so I just love to see fun, ‘different’ shots like this! Particularly if they ‘are’ the couple…

Friday's wedding photo fix 9.03.12
Source: via Con on Pinterest

What do you think?

You can check out more of this great photographers work, Trevor Jansen here.

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Friday's Wedding Photo Fix
Friday's Wedding Photo Fix


  1. by Maia Dobson on June 15, 2012  3:43 am Reply

    That's a cute photo! It made me reminisce my own wedding held at the Long Island wedding halls. My husband was also quirky and it was just so remarkably memorable.

    • by Bláithín on June 15, 2012  8:28 am Reply

      I just love quirkiness in weddings! Would you like to share any of your own photos on the blog?

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