How to Plan the Dream Honeymoon

As a married woman, one of things I would LOVE to do each year is going on my honeymoon… over and over… its was spectacular! And if Mauritius would ever like to invite me back… I will be only too have to oblige! For those of you who are in the midst of planning their own honeymoons here is some great advice from Claire on how to plan your dream honeymoon!

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No two couples’ dream honeymoon is alike. Everyone wants a holiday that expresses themselves and their relationship: adventurous, stylish, fun, luxurious, glamorous, or some combination of the above. Some people want to relax and unwind after all the stress of planning and carrying out a wedding but some may be yearning for something new and exciting, to start the marriage as they mean to go on!
Whatever it is that you want, it’s not going to be exactly the same as what any other couple wants, and nor should it be! You fell in love with one another because of your unique individual characteristics. Yours isn’t a package relationship or a package marriage, so why should you settle for a package holiday as a honeymoon?
If you choose a company that creates bespoke itineraries on your behalf, you will never have to settle for second best.  With a holiday that’s tailor made, you can go where you like, do what you want, travelling and returning when you want. And because you will have an expert on your side making it all happen, you will be able to get the best deals too.
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Whether you prefer relaxing on a Caribbean beach, going on safari in Kenya, exploring the historical cities of Europe or the ancient cultures of India, a bespoke honeymoon will open the door to your dreams as these experts can tell you where in the world you can combine all of these passions without having to fly from one country to another!  Whether you prefer fine dining, or quirky roadside cafés, or a mixture of the two; camping adventures, poolside spa luxury, or some of both, you can have whatever you want.
Your honeymoon will last many times longer than your wedding day, which by its nature needs to be about your family and friends as well as about yourselves. Make your honeymoon a time for just the two of you, a time to create memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy coming up with ideas together, but leave it to the experts to do the boring bits, then set off for the beginning of your new life together as husband and wife.
Author Bio: Clare Wallace realised her love for all things wedding related back in 2007 when preparing for her big day and has been blogging about bridal topics ever since.  Clare works in the fashion industry so has a particular passion for bridal gowns, wedding underwear and luxury accessories.  
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