How to Keep Wedding Plans from Straining Your Relationship

Something super important for you all to read today guys… and another great guest post to boot… this time by the lovely {and very witty} Cindy McDonald… take it away Cindy… 
Your fiancé popped the question and you couldn’t be happier!  So now you are wrapped up in veils, floral arrangements, cake samples and other activities that go into planning a fairytale wedding to rival that of Kate and Will’s—but wait!  Are you also wrapped up in your fiancé? 
Planning your dream wedding is likely one of the most exciting things you will do as a couple.  But because of all the stress that goes along with making sure that getting hitched goes off without a hitch, much of that stress can often find its way into your relationship.  So to keep wedding plans from straining the bond between you and your future husband and to guarantee that he is there at the end of the aisle on the big day, don’t miss the following tips:
Stick to a budget.    Money is one of the biggest reasons why couples fight…and so that you don’t blow all of your money before you tie the knot, it is necessary that you and your other half are on the same page and come to a mutual agreement on a budget to which you can easily stick.  Sure, that Vera Wang dress makes you look like a vision right off the catwalk…but before you ring it up at the cash register, make sure that it fits into your financial plans for the wedding.  Being honest about your purchases and always keeping your fiancé in the know about what the two of you are spending for your nuptials will keep your relationship as well as your bank account intact.  
Spend quality time together.    Of course, your world is bound to get a lot more hectic with a wedding in the works; and the planning that goes into it is a sure-fire way to keep you so busy that you don’t even have the time to put on your socks in the morning, let alone spend time with your man.  But the key to keeping your relationship from suffering from the craziness is to make sure you block out dates in your calendar not just for tastings and visiting the perfect venues—but also for spending quality time with your fiancé.  So put down the bridal magazines and step away from the do-it-yourself center pieces!  Planning date nights at a new restaurant, to go see a movie or even just to spend a quiet evening at home cooking together can be romantic and will be a much needed break to refocus on each other and what made you want to marry each other in the first place.
Include your fiancé in plans.  The wedding is all about the bride, right?  Wrong!  For there to actually be a wedding, typically a groom needs to be there.  Quite often with weddings, all of the attention gets put on the wifey-to-be and the hubby-to-be gets lost in the shuffle.  Even if your guy says he doesn’t care to be involved in the wedding plans, show him that his opinion is important you and share some of your spotlight by including him on portions of the event planning that matter to him.  
Remember, it’s about the marriage—not just the wedding.  Many brides often get caught up in the idea of a fairytale wedding and lose sight of what the wedding actually symbolizes:  a marriage.  Sure, you want to throw a fabulous ceremony and reception that will go down in history and be talked about for ages—but remember the reason you are even throwing a wedding is so that you can spend the rest of your life with your soul mate.  Keep this in mind so that your groom feels special and not like his role could just be filled by any old guy in a tux.
Cindy McDonald is a guest post contributor who enjoys writing about planning weddings.  In addition, Cindy also owns Best Christian Dating Siteswhere she educates visitors about the importance of safe online dating.

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