How to choose a Maid of Honor

Your wedding is no doubt one of the most important events of your life.  Therefore it is crucial that you select the perfect maid of honor, with the right credentials to stand by your side as you vow to commit yourself to your true love and soul mate, on a day sure to go down in history, as your best.  And if you have a gaggle of sisters or best gal pals not only fighting for the bouquet, but also fighting for the most coveted position in your bridal party, it can be tough to decide who’s got what it takes to fill, the seriously fabulous shoes, of your maid of honor.  So that you don’t have a meltdown in the selection process, be sure to check out our tips that will help you come to the right conclusion:

Think about family first.  They say that sisters are our best friends from birth.  And if you consider yours to be more than someone who just stole your favorite pair of jeans or even your 6thgrade boyfriend, then you might think about, handing over to her, the duties of your maid of honor.  If you have a few sisters from which to choose, etiquette guidelines say that it’s right to pick the one who is closest in age to you.  But if you aren’t particularly close to a sister or another family member, then move on to a friend who might be better fit for the role.
Review your list of friends.  Most brides have a group of girlfriends who would be eager to be the maid of honor but if you can’t think of one right off the top of your head, consider who will be willing to take on the responsibilities and will most enjoy helping you with wedding planning tasks—and of course who’s going to plan the most outrageous bachelorette party!  { Kidding (sort of).}  Choose the girl who has been there for you through thick and thin, knows you better than anyone else and will wear the title the most seriously.
Consider responsibilities.  It’s no secret that a maid of honor holds the weight of some heavy responsibilities on her pretty little shoulders…so you’ve got to pick someone who is going to be able to stand it.  There is the responsibility of attending appointments with you, planning an array of showers, being there for emotional support and taking on financial obligations.  And a top contender would be someone who is reliable, organized and has a flair for handling stressful situations.  So be sure that you choose a maid of honor who will not only make the process of getting hitched fun, but will be able to excel in all areas so that you can rest assured and breathe easy before heading down the aisle.
Be sensitive.  Even though your wedding is supposed to be all about you, don’t forget that the position of head bridesmaid requires a lot of time, energy, dedication and money…so be sensitive to these factors when picking your perfect maid of honor.  Be realistic about what you expect from whomever you choose and make sure that you are careful not to hurt the feelings of others biting at the bit for the job. 
Cindy McDonald is a guest post author who enjoys writing about weddings and the planning that goes into the big day.  In addition, Cindy also writes for Free Catholic Dating Sites where she provides information about safe online dating for Catholic singles.

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