Friday’s Wedding Photo Fix

Am feeling a little crazy today… it could be the fact that I am ‘doped up’ on serious amounts of cough medicine, { I am battling one serious chest infection this week } or that I am just {abso -friggin -lutely} in love with this picture!Forgot a trash the {wedding} dress photo shoot… would you be brave enough to do this on your wedding day? { Hands up if you are!}

I just love the juxtaposition { Yes, Ms O’ Hanlon*, I do know big words… and auto-spell can spell them for me too! } of the wedding dress against the crashed cars and rust! The cowboy boots are kind of awesome too!

Friday's wedding photo fix 24.02.12

{ *Ms O’ Hanlon is my old Secondary School English teacher… she didn’t care much for my abilities in English…;)… }

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Friday's Wedding Photo Fix
Friday's Wedding Photo Fix

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