Five {Wedding} Minutes with… My Chocolate Explosion!

Recently I met the lovely Stephanie Myles from My Chocolate Explosion and she’s taken the time to answer some questions and tell us all about her fabulous products! {Yummy! }

1. Tell us about how My Chocolate Explosive came about? 

I started My Chocolate Explosions – Ireland North West at the end of November 2011 and it started because I was looking for a new innovative idea that was easily affordable and would appeal to a wide range of customers. I had seen the idea on-line as it is very big in England and thought it would easily translate to the Irish market. Once I had seen the product I loved it and believed that other people would feel the same and see have diverse it can be so I purchased the franchise for the north-west of Ireland.

2. What’s in the range? What can a bride choose from?

There are two main products in the range – My Chocolate Explosion and a Celebration Ball. The Chocolate Explosion is made up of bars and sweets that are mounted on stems and then creatively mixed by hand with brightly coloured accessories exploding from inside colourful containers. The Celebration Balls are literally a giant ball of treats which again are individually mounted on stems and they are custom made with either one particular treat or a mixture of sweets, whichever a bride would prefer. Both products are custom made using quality branded sweets/bars and can be colour coded to suit any occasion. The Celebration Ball in particular is perfect for combining as a table decoration and wedding favours.

3. Where do My Chocolate Explosion’s work best at a wedding?

The ideal location for My Chocolate Explosion’s at a wedding is for table decorations/party favours but we have also had people book them for placing in guests rooms in the hotel as a surprise when they book.

4. Have you any new products or services coming online in 2012 that you would like to share with us?

All our products are available throughout the year but as they are custom made we do need two months notice for any orders over twenty.

5. Can you share some pictures of past weddings you’ve done? 

6. How can we get in touch with you to make a booking for our wedding?

Our contact details are:
Mobile: (after 3pm): 086-0517244
Facebook: My Chocolate Explosion – Ireland North West

Believe me guys these Chocolate Explosions look fabulous! Ideal on or in a candy buffet, as a special treat as the kiddie’s table centrepiece or if you are a real ‘choc-o-holic’ as centrepieces on every table ~ no that would be hard core 😉

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