5 Great DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas

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DIY Wedding Invitations
Your wedding invitations are the first indication your guests have of what to expect from your ceremony. Instead of pre-printed invitations featuring the usual embossed flowers and doves, opt for do-it-yourself wedding invitations that showcase your individual sense of style. You’ll set the stage for the style of your wedding while expressing your creativity. Another bonus: some DIY wedding invitations look amazing, but cost you next to nothing, leaving you more to spend on your honeymoon.

Message in a Bottle Wedding Invitations

5 great DIY wedding invitation ideas message in a bottle

Nothing could be more perfect to set the scene for a beach wedding than invitations rolled and corked in a bottle like a note from a pair of castaways. Add a sprinkle of sand and a few tiny shells to the bottles to enhance the beach theme. You’ll need glass or plastic bottles with corks, off-white paper, strips of raffia and small decorative beach objects. Hand-write the invitations or print them using a font that resembles handwriting. Tightly furl the paper and tie it in the middle with a length of raffia while leaving at least one long end.

Pop the message in the bottle and keep the raffia poking out of the bottle’s mouth. Add the sand and seashells, then cork the bottle, taking care to leave the raffia tie out so your guests can easily retrieve the invitation without upending the bottle. No one enjoys vacuuming sand out of the carpet, so this step is important. Deliver the bottles by hand or wrap them well in packing material for delivery.

Image Source: stylemepretty.com via Beth on Pinterest

5 great DIY wedding invitation vintage

Vintage Wedding Invitations

If you’re charmed with mid-century fashion or Victorian paper ephemera, make your invitations a part of your theme with a vintage look. For these inexpensive wedding invitations, use modern technology to reproduce that vintage appeal with fonts from your favorite era. Look at ads, movie posters or even product labels from your chosen time period for inspiration and use iconic imagery from bygone days to create your invitations. For the early 1960s, for example, you might use boomerang shapes and starbursts in aqua or pink; later 1960s styles would incorporate paisley patterns or block lettering in bright colors. Play with clip art and fonts until you have exactly the look you like, then print the invitations on quality card stock.

Image Source: Uploaded by user via Megan on Pinterest

Wedding Invitation Scrolls

5 great DIY wedding invitation scrolls


A Roman or medieval theme finds its expression in elegant wedding scrolls. Paint a pair of short wooden dowels at least an inch longer than your paper is wide with gold or silver paint. You’ll need to glue decorative finials — a hardware store’s drawer pulls work well — to both ends of both dowels bringing the total number of finials to four for each invitation. Write the invitations on thick parchment stock and glue the dowels to the top and bottom of the page. After the glue dries completely, roll the scroll closed and secure it with a ribbon. For a less expensive alternative, skip the dowels and just roll invitations into tubes; tie them with elegant ribbon for a luxurious touch. Scrolls fit perfectly into mailing tubes.

Image Source: When is the Wedding

Movie Poster Invitations


5 great DIY wedding movie poster

If you’re both huge movie buffs, use a favorite movie poster or still image and a photo manipulation program to create your wedding invitations. Pick a still image from a film noir classic, corny sci-fi movie or Oscar-winning epic and photograph yourselves in a dramatic pose from the movie. Use a little photo manipulation wizardry to superimpose your faces over the screen stars and play with filters until you match the look of the original image. Choose a font that matches the original movie poster for your names, dates and other information. Another possibility is designing an original movie-style poster of a picture of the two of you. If you need inspiration, pretend you’re creating a poster for a sweet romantic comedy or epic love story as you design the invitation. In a sense, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Fabric and Paper Wedding Invitations

Fabric Wedding invites!

 Let your creative side take over in the art supply store, fabric shop or even thrift store. Gorgeous gilded papers, vintage lace and embroidered panels need only a bit of glue to transform into a backing for custom wedding invitations. Lay out your materials before you begin gluing so you can change your mind if you want to add or subtract an element. Print invitations on heavy stock so the paper won’t warp when you glue it to layers of paper and fabric. If you’re having a holiday wedding, choose rich colors and plenty of metallic sparkle. Cut your materials into diamonds or triangles and add a loop at the top so the invitation itself becomes a keepsake ornament.

Make your wedding invitation say more than just the names and dates you print on them. With custom-crafted DIY wedding invitations, you’ll also say something about who you are as a couple, giving your guests something they’ll treasure as much as they cherish you.

Bio: Jessica is a specialist in
product labels and printing. When she is not writing for Print360.com, you can find her cooking up a storm in her kitchen.
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