5 Gorgeous Bridal Lingerie Ideas for Your Wedding Night

For the week that is in it! I thought we would do something a little bit sexier on the blog today! I am really excited to share this guest post with you because I think the lingerie featured is absolutely gorgeous and hopefully might inspire some of you to nip out and buy something special for tomorrow night! { As well as your wedding nigh!! }  🙂 
When a girl comes to choosing her wedding lingerie, the main thing to consider is when you’ll be wearing it.  For during the day time, lingerie may not be required as so many dresses contain internal corsetry that holds everything in and pushes everything up but in the evening, you may want to change into an entirely new outfit altogether!  Here is the guide to bridal lingerie according to designer lingerie company Fox & Rose.
If you are on the lookout for lingerie to go underneath your dress, most people will assume that this needs to be practical and therefore boring but this simply isn’t the case!  The best example of this is Stella McCartney’s bustier bra named theMariaBouncing Bra.  The delicate colour, smooth-line finish and detachable straps make it practical for wearing under most dresses but the vintage pattern makes it highly desirable and alluring.  
For those who want to get changed in the evening into something a little more comfortable, why not slip into a longline, sheer, silk nightdress such as the adequately named‘SeduceMe Gown’.  Great for draping yourself around the honeymoon suite.  Perhaps the ultimate in loungewear is the Naked Boudoir Gown in its soft, delicate hue of blush silk that creates an extraordinary shape from the exposed neckline to the nipped in, lace panelling at the waist.  
The CremeFouette Shoulder Bra  comprises of a delicate lace adorned with crystals that’s delicate yet striking with a matching brief.  Perfect for throwing on under your normal outfit as a sexy surprise for your husband when you arrive at your honeymoon hotel!
Don’t want to wear anything under your dress or get changed in the evening?  Just slip the Aphrodite Bridal Garter on your leg for a sexy surprise when your new husband takes your wedding dress off at the end of the night.  
Big thank you to Clare Wallace for sending this in! 
Claire realised her love for all things wedding related back in 2007 when preparing for her big day and has been blogging about bridal topics ever since.  Clare works in the fashion industry so has a particular passion for bridal gowns, wedding underwear and luxury accessories.  
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    These are really gorgeous bridal lingerie! Every woman deserved to wear something like these for their wedding.

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