Sun Jars: Another Great Wedding DIY Mason Jar Project!

Guest Post from Free People  
I know just how much you all love your DIY Mason Jar Wedding Projects so when Meghan got in touch from Free People and asked would I be interested in featuring a Sun Jar DIY project from them I jumped at the chance! Enjoy! 
Take it away guys…
The difference between a memorable party and a forgettable one is in the details. Brighten up a plain setting and make your guests remember how welcome they felt. You don’t have to spend a boatload. You can make interesting accents all on your own.
A great project that is taking garden décor by storm is the do-it-yourself Sun Jar, which the Free People store display design team created for our stores.
A sun jar is a frosted glass mason jar with a solar-powered light cell inside. The solar power cell charges up during the day and casts a warm glow at night. Use sun jars to light a path, illuminate a tablescape, or emphasize staircases (especially helpful in the dark!)


Here’s what you need:
A mason jar with a clear glass lid
A solar garden light, the kind you can find at home building stores. Make sure the solar-cell part (without the supporting stake) can fit inside the jar.
Frosting Spray (found in the spray paint aisle or in craft stores)


Here’s what you do:
1.    Clean the inside of the jar and dry thoroughly (manufacturing and shipping can leave dust and debris inside jars).
2.    Spray inside of the jar with the frosting spray. Use short, light bursts, until the inside of the jar is completely covered. The frosting will diffuse the light and give the sun jar a warm glow. DO NOT SPRAY THE LID. Both the inside and the outside of the lid must remain clear so the solar cell can absorb sunlight.


3.    Disassemble the solar cell. This can be a lot easier than it sounds, depending on what kind of lamp you purchase. Certain kinds can simply be unscrewed and the solar/battery pack remains intact, whereas others will require some reassembly with adhesive.
4.    Put a line of glue around the edges solar cell, or the parts you’ve harvested from the garden lamp, to the underside of the jar’s lid.
5.    Allow it to dry completely, and you’re all finished! Close the lid, put your jar in direct sunlight, and it’ll glow all night long!
Make a few in different colors. These are the little things that give people a lot to remember.


This guest post was contributed by FreePeople, a leading boho clothing brand. For more DIY posts, check out their blog at every Wednesday!
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  1. by Dana B. on February 11, 2012  7:16 am Reply

    This is a wonderful article. I don't think I'll be reposting it directly on my blog but I'll certainly be referencing & I'd love to exchange buttons.
    Dana Beeman: danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. by Dana B. on February 11, 2012  10:57 pm Reply

    I *love* Sun Jars & I plan on using mason jars at my wedding. :) Although this is D.I.Y. & far less expensive than the $40 per Jar I'd pay retail, I might stick with frosted jars and L.E.D. tea lights so I have more money for my honeymoon. I'm working off a total budget of less than 5k which apparently is pretty inexpensive for a wedding... something I recently learned.
    Check out my blog if you like, I love yours & I'm following too. I'd love it if you did the same.
    Dana Beeman: danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

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