Kim Kardashian’s marriage is finished!

Ok, I have to put my hands up… I’m shocked; 72 days and millions spent { and I supposed earned } and its all over??? Perhaps I am totally naive { it has been said before 🙂 } but I really thought this would last… well, at the very least longer than 72 days!

What’s shocked me even more are the rumours that the hole thing, relationship, marriage, the whole kit and caboodle, was supposedly all dreamed up by E!? I just wont believe this… I wont. 🙁

I have to say I was never ‘Kardashian Krazy’… well not like some fans, but I did {do} find them all a {tiny} bit addictive… but now… well now I think I’ve lost a little respect for Kim…

‘Irreconcilable Differences’, – as filed in the divorce petition by Kim, are supposedly down to Kim wanting to live near her family in LA and Kris wanting to live elsewhere… {surely this was discussed before the wedding???!!}

What’s shocked me even more is that Kim’s sisters, Khloe, who married Lamar after just a month, have lasted and seem like a totally loved up, happy couple! Even Kourtney who, against her own and her families {repeated} better judgement, is still with her long term { father of her child } boyfriend, and Kim, who dated Kris for eight, {yes eight } months only lasts 72 days in marriage!!! What the hell us up with that… clearly in Kim’s world ’til death do you part’ actually means ‘ til your cribs location is not to my liking’…

This being her second marriage… perhaps its third time lucky?

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