Friday’s Wedding Photo Fix: The Big Gay Wedding Project

So today’s ‘Friday’s Wedding Photo Fix’ is a little more than just a fantastic wedding shot taken by a talented Photographer. Today’s photo has so much meaning, both for me, the couple in it, the photographer who took it and you, yes that’s you; my darling reader.This emotion filled photo was taken by Shawna Scott and this gorgeous couple { who actually make me cry they look so happy, honest to god guys, tears in my eyes here as I type! } are one of 7 couples who Shawna Scott has been photographing { for free } on their wedding day as part of her The Big Gay Wedding Project.

What is The Big Gay Wedding Project I hear you ask?

Well { its amazing! } its Shawna’s first solo project as a Photographer and her goal is by providing free photography to civil partnerships and weddings of gay couples across Ireland and Northern Ireland and exhibiting  photos from these ceremonies in the new year in a bid to raise awareness of the Marriage Equality campaign to equalise the civil marriage rights of same-sex couples in the Republic.You can read all about The Big Gay Wedding Project over on Confetti where Shawna recently did an interview or of course on Shawn’s dedicated website The Big Gay Wedding Project.

So what am I asking of you? Your support… for Shawna, for same sex couples and for the Marriage Equality Campaign. At the very least, if you can’t help with time or money, educate yourself on the differences that exist between the marriage rights I {and you} have and the rights my brother and anyone entering {either now or in the future} into a civil partnership. Share this education with others and realise that we all deserve the same.

You see, cause I have a dream… that one day my gorgeous {little} brother can enjoy everything { and I mean everything } I share with my wonderful husband and of course that I can plan his amazing, over the top wedding and cry the whole way through everything with happiness!

{Ps little brother currently available 🙂 he is super gorgeous, talented, successful, {yumtastic} cook , handsome, super fun, house trained and great for cuddles! … apply within 😉 }

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