The {must have} Post Wedding Check-list!

Big treat for you all today guys… a couple of weeks back I featured a great Guest Post by Bride to Be Sarah Ellis 6 Great Bridal Party Gift Ideas, well Sarah recently tied the knot and now she is {so kindly} back again to guest post on her { must have } Post Wedding Check-list! Yes, boys and girls the work doesn’t just stop after you say ‘I do’!
{ Ps… fingers & toes and everything else crossed that Sarah might actually share some of her wedding day photos with us.. because guys they are absolutely stunning! 😉 }
And now to Sarah’s Post Wedding Check-list…..
Checklist 1
The big day has come and gone, and if you’re anything like me, you’re a little bit sad about it. But as you settle into newlywed bliss there’s still plenty to do! In fact, the many things it takes to officially “become one” may be more daunting than some of the wedding planning. But, as a newlywed going through all the motions you will soon go through, I’ve got a way to keep you organized!
I’ve compiled a master list of things that must happen after your wedding, something to bookmark and keep you on track!
1. Write thank you notes for gifts. Etiquette says you should have thank yous in the mail no later than two months after your wedding date.
2. If you’re planning on keeping your wedding dress, have the dress and veil preserved so it remains in good condition. It’s a keepsake you may want to hold onto for a daughter or granddaughter to see. Some brides may be more practical than I, but I could never sell my dress. It’s too special! Even though I didn’t wear my mother’s dress, it was special to unpack it after I was engaged and try it on and see it. Your daughter may appreciate it, and it’s something you can’t ever get back.
3. Send a special thank you to any wedding vendors you especially appreciated. Most vendors also request photos for their personal use, so include those when possible! My florist and cake vendor will be getting a few to use on their sites. Also, your vendors will greatly appreciate any reviews you can give them on popular wedding sites! It’s how they get business and how you can help other brides find great people to work with.
4. Change your name and all important documents:
  1. Get a copy of your marriage license and marriage application (you’ll need both to apply for a new social security card and name change)
  2. If you’re taking your husband’s name, go to the social security office to change your name
  3. Get a new driver’s license
  4. Apply for a new passport (better to do it now than later when you may be dealing with a time crunch!)
  5. Change all important accounts to your new name
  1. Bank Accounts
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Auto Insurance
  4. Life Insurance
  5. Any online accounts (Paypal, Amazon, Ebay, etc.)
  6. Update any stocks, IRAs, mortgages, leases, or money market accounts
  7. Voter Registration
  8. Bills (utility, cable, rent, etc.)
5. Other odds and ends:
  1. Take a video of your new home, including all valuables, to send to your insurance company.
  2. Create a living will
  3. If you and your husband are merging accounts, do so now
Remember: The sooner you get these tasks under your belt, the sooner you can enjoy your new life as husband and wife! Leaving these hanging over your head is sure to cloud your rose-colored glasses.
About the author:  I’m no expert, but planning my wedding was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life! Everything from planning our decorations, to the honeymoon, was such a joy. In life outside of wedding planning, I write about usefultravel accessories, play with our precious little puppy Luna, and plan up a future including and a mighty cool bucket list involving awesome travel destinations!

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  1. by Jessica on October 31, 2011  3:18 pm Reply

    Very practical advice!

  2. by Anonymous on September 1, 2012  8:36 pm Reply

    Return anything unused to the store for credit.

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