Other Than Wedding Invitations, What Stationery Do You Need For The Big Day?

Guest Post by Sunniva I. Skoglund
When it comes to wedding stationery many couples think about wedding invitationsas the main, or even the only, piece of stationery that they will need. But you might need more than you think…evening invitations, thank you cards and place cards are all part of the big wedding stationery package. Here is a list of wedding stationery that you might find useful for your wedding planning.
Evening invites
Maybe you want your wedding ceremony to be small and intimate, or perhaps the location you have chosen to get married in, and where you plan to have your wedding breakfast, has a limited amount of space and can’t fit all of your friends and family. In this case it could be a good idea to divide your guests into “all day” and “evening only” groups. An evening invitation can match the all day invitation but will often be slightly simpler in its design and layout.
An order of service leaflet is usually given out just before the ceremony outlining any music, readings or other events that will take place during the course of the service.
Thanking your guests for sharing your big day with you is common courtesy and there are many different ways in which you can design this card, either with or without photos, perhaps matching your wedding invitations and other stationery you have used for your wedding. It is a good idea to order these at the same time as your other wedding stationery, if possible, as you might be able to personalise the design and bulk buy.
If you are late sending out your wedding invitations or you want to ensure that your guests will reply on time it might be a good idea to include a reply card, or r.s.v.p. card, inside your wedding invitations. If you include a stamp and the address you can rest assured that you have done all you can to make your guests get back to you on time.
Another piece of stationery that is essential to your wedding is place cards. Again, these could match your other stationery and you can make them a unique part of your table decorations.
Many couples don’t understand the idea behind the save the date card, but if you are late trying to find a wedding venue or finalise your arrangements it is a valuable notice to your guests that they should keep the date free to attend your wedding and that further details about venue and itinerary will follow.
Hopefully this would have helped you identify a few more pieces of stationery, in addition to your wedding invitations, that might aid you before, on, and after your wedding day.

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