A Bride’s Guide to Goodie Filled Favour Boxes

Guest Post by Susan Hawkins 
You’ve found the perfect favour boxes for your wedding reception! Now you simply have to decide what to put in them and how much you’ll need to make sure you have enough to fill every box, or else Aunt Eleanor will wonder why her favor box only has three candies in it, while the box of the guest sitting next to her is filled to the brim.  Once you’ve filled and sealed favour boxes, it’s truly frustrating to discover you’ve put too many in the first 50 boxes, shorting the next 50 boxes and possibly running out. You also don’t want to overspend and be left with three or four large bags of small candies you can’t return. Let’s avoid that!  
Once you know how many candies to put in each box and how many of those candies come in a pound, you’ll know how much you need to buy.  Favour “boxes” may also be bags, envelopes, pouches and other shapes, but we’ll base our calculations on the most popular wedding chocolates and candies and a standard 5.1 cm x 5.1 cm favour box:
Description                    Amount/Full Box                               Avg. Quantity/1 lb.
Dutch Mints:                     36 yummy mints                                210
Jordan Almonds:              15 tasty traditional almonds               120
Hershey Kisses:                 11 sweet kisses                                   100
Melty Mints:                      12 mouthwatering mints                    100
Conversation Hearts:        30 love-laced hearts                           150
M&M’s:                              90 chocolaty bits                                530
Butter Mints:                      62 after-dinner mints                         270
Jelly Beans:                        75 rainbow-coloured beans                400
Here’s an example: Let’s say 75 people are attending your wedding, and you’ve decided to fill your favour boxes with Butter Mints. Multiply 62 x 75 to get 4,650 mints required. Divide that number by the average number of mints in a pound (270) to arrive at 17.2 lbs. That’s how much candy you’ll need to fill your favour boxes.  
These amounts completely fill the boxes to the rim, which you don’t necessarily have to do. If you only want to fill them halfway, make your calculation based on the info above and divide by two. Many brides who choose to give Jordan almonds only place five almonds in each box. Traditionally, each of the five almonds represents a wish for the bride and groom: health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity.
Candy-filled favour boxes are always welcomed by guests, and they make the sweetest day in your life a little bit sweeter!
This post was kindly written by:
Susan Hawkins is a writer for Kate Aspen UK, a premier designer, manufacturer and online retailer of wedding favours, favour boxes, bridal shower favours, bridesmaid gifts and more. 
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