Jenna & Drew’s First Look Photo’s Before the Wedding Ceremony

Are you having a ‘first look’ with your hubby {to be} before the ceremony?I’m torn between the belief ‘its bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony’ and the absolutely priceless and intimate moment of that ‘first look’, captured here, so beautifully by Casie of The NEW Casie {kay-cee; KC} Photographics with her bride and groom, Jenna & Drew.

I love the way Jenna ‘sneaks’ up on Drew and the utter love and devotion in his eyes when he sees her for the first time!

Who would like to know a little more about the gorgeous Jenna & Drew? Well they were so kind to answer a couple of questions about themselves and their wedding plans.

1.  How did you and your husband meet? 
 We met while working at a retail store when we were starting out in college.  Drew decided he wanted to go into the Coast Guard and I stayed in school.  3 years later we met up with each other and the rest is history.
2.  How did you decide on a theme/the colors, etc. for your wedding? 
It was very easy, we both wanted a fresh clean spring look.  We looked through a couple of wedding mags and saw a picture with blues and yellows and both liked it.  That picture kept us focused on the whole look that we were going for.
3.  What made you decide to go with The First Look? 
We didn’t want our guests to have to wait between the ceremony and reception.  Plus we wanted to have fun pictures with our wedding party without feeling like we were rushed for time.  It also allowed us to give eachother our gifts without having to have a messenger (Maid of Honor/Best Man) to give the gift to the other.
4.  Would you recommend The First Look to other brides?  Why/Why Not?  
We would definitely recommend the first look to everyone! It allows you to just take a breather and just be with your significate other without anyone else (except your photographer–which you dont even realize is there).  It is a great moment for just you and your partner to just relax.  We were able to goof around once the first look and the first moment together that day was over.  It brought a calmness to the rest of the event.  Walking down the aisle wasn’t hard and I was able to really enjoy my man at the other end of the aisle and everyone around us as well. 
5.  What was the most memorable part of your Wedding Day and why? 
The time between the ceremony and the reception.  Our event took place in a hall full of windows were you could see out to the cocktail hour but our guest couldnt see us.  We were able to just be silly with out immediate family and our wedding party and then get the party started.  Our whole event went exactly as we wanted…all of our loved ones were there laughing and having fun.  The food was great, our DJ was awesome and our photos came out  wonderfully! By the time the day was actually here the decorations and the cake and all the little details didn’t seem to matter at much, all we cared about was that everyone had fun and it was a fantastic party!
And here’s a quick look at some of the details for Jenna & Drew’s special day!!

Big, big, big thank you to Casie and of course Jenna & Drew for allowing me to share this gorgeous wedding and amazing first look photos with you all.

Casie is an amazing Photographer who I know through TWIPS and you can check out all Casie’s details, other amazing weddings and follow her work through all the links below.

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