Wedding Favours That Put the Fun in Funky!

By Guest Blogger Susan Hawkins 
Weddings receptions are happy occasions (if not, you’re doing it wrong), but, to be honest, they’re not always fun for all. Not everyone gets up to dance, or drinks to catch a little “bridal” buzz. That’s why I want to turn you on to a few funky wedding favours that just might put a smile on the faces of folks who find the festivities a bit flat. 
Guests won’t expect to find these favours at ultra-formal, elegant affairs, and you won’t have much control on how guests choose to use a couple of them. They’re somewhat unpredictable, and that’s part of the fun! Here we go!
Slot Machine Gumball Dispenser 

The slot machine arm works and the reels, featuring engagement rings, hearts, bouquets and other wedding icons, spin. No coins are required to get a gumball. You’ll be able to spot family and friends with a gambling problem easily. They may look like they’re talking, but they’re chewing so much gum, they can’t. 

In the U.S., the conventional purpose for wedding bubbles (which come in a variety of charming containers complete with bubble wand) is for guests to blow bubbles instead of throwing rice (bad for birds!) when the bride and groom make their honeymoon getaway. Some guests who are 1) old and in their second childhood, 2) childish adults and 3) actual children will find them irresistible long before you leave the party. Look on the bright side—at least they’re not popping the cork on another bottle of expensive bubbly.

Playing Cards 

Along with the first two favours, playing cards can usually be personalised—an added bonus! However, don’t be surprised if Uncle Sean passes the time at your wedding by getting a little poker game going in the back of the room. If the Gardai arrive, tell them it’s a fundraiser for your honeymoon 

Wedding Poppers 

Confetti that catapults out of a can! Look for poppers with confetti that’s biodegradable and, consequently, earth-friendly! Like bubbles, wedding poppers were designed to provide a rice-free send-off for the newlyweds. On the downside, each wedding popper is good for only one blast. On the upside, if you have kids at your wedding, and they start a wedding-popper war, it will be over sooner than Brittney Spears’s first marriage.
“Bride and Groom” Toilet Paper
I saved this for the end. You can use it at the engagement party, bridal showers and the reception. Guests will get a chuckle where there’s rarely one to be found. Try not to think about it once you’ve installed it in the holder. Just go forth and have the time of your life!

 [ ps I don’t know about you guys but I am head over heels in love with this Bride and Groom Toilet Paper – who is with me on this? Is this not the cutest, funest think you’ve come across?]
Susan Hawkins is a writer for Kate Aspen UK, a leading online site for unique wedding favours, bridal shower favours, wedding accessories, bridesmaid gifts, table décor and more. 
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