Top Tips on your Wedding Stationery from Finer Details

I want to introduce you all to Marie Bradley from Finer Details. If you are looking for wedding stationary that is out of this world, Marie and Finer Details is the company for you.

I have mentioned before I think receiving wedding invites in the post is one of the most exciting pieces of post [ bar a cheque] you can get; not least because it means that someone dear to you is getting married, but mostly because wedding invites are so gorgeous and decadent! And they really don’t come much more magnificent then those beautifully created by Marie.

While I drooled over Marie’s amazing ranges we had a little chat and below are some top tips to help you choose your wedding stationary, when you should do it, what you should expect to pay and more…

1. When would you advise a couple to start researching their wedding stationery options?

Couples really should start to research their wedding stationery options as soon as they have settled on the style of wedding they are having and once they have chosen their wedding location. The importance of your wedding invitation cannot be underestimated and finding one that suits you can take time. It is a true reflection of not only the couples individual style but also the guests first glimpse of their wedding which is a celebration like no other, setting the tone and building excitement.

2. When should they make a final choice and order their stationery?

When choosing wedding invitations created especially for you by hand, couples should place their order at least 6
months prior to their wedding, as leaving it later may put limitations on the style of invitation couples are looking for due to processing times.

3. How far in advance should invites be sent to the guests. How close to the wedding should they put their RSVP date?

Wedding invitations should be posted at least 6 weeks prior to your wedding date if you are having a local wedding ceremony. If your wedding date falls on a bank-holiday weekend, consider sending your invitations out 7-8 weeks in advance as sometimes these popular dates can coincide with festivals and accommodation for your guests can be limited. If you are inviting guests from overseas and have not sent save-the-date cards, your overseas guests should be sent their invitations 8-12 weeks in advance of your wedding date. If it is a destination wedding, invitations should be sent at least 12 weeks prior to the wedding. Rsvp dates are set at 4 weeks prior to the wedding.

4. What is your favourite piece of Wedding Stationery and Why?

I have a number of favourite designs and bespoke pieces are always a favourite because the invitation is more than just the materials used to make the invitation it is a reflection of a couple you have got to know during the design process too and you can’t help but get excited with them as they plan for their wedding. When enclosure cards are requested I do like an invitation that incorporates these extra information cards within the design. Truly, an invitation becomes a favourite when you know it suits the persons style and personality and the type of wedding they are having.

5. What is the most unique wording you’ve ever used, or been asked to use on a ‘save the date’ / invite/ mass booklet?

Actually the most unique wording I was asked to use was for a table plan I created very recently for a couple. The table plan was made using separate cards which sat on mini wooden easels, each table had a table name as opposed to a number. Many people choose locations names of where they have both lived or travelled to but this couple’s chosen theme was their own relationships journey. They used table names such as “The First Encounter” – “The First Date” – “The Courtship” – “Meeting the Parents” etc., but what made this really special was they had just one line describing each event, all were very humorous and created a lovely story. I loved this idea. Some of our invitations allow space to incorporate a favourite quote, I like when people choose a line from a song which can be anything from words by Elvis to Cold Play!

6. Do you have any words of wisdom to any brides out there considering DIY’ing their own wedding invites?

Yes, congratulations and well done for being creative!!  Allow yourself enough time as it is a highly time consuming process. If the last card you made was a Christmas card with the aid of your school teacher be realistic in your capabilities, remember this is the first glimpse of your wedding and you do not want your invitation to be remembered for the wrong reasons!! Creating your own invitations should be enjoyable.

7. Approximately what should a couple expect to pay for their wedding stationery?

At Finer Details a simple elegant invitation individually custom made can be bought for as little as €2.75. Of course our Bespoke collection can cost considerably more depending on the complexity of the design. There are no limits!

8. Tell us a little about Finer Details and the types and ranges of wedding stationery you offer.

With just under 10 years experience, Finer Details creates wedding invitations and personalised stationery from our purpose built invitation studio which is located in beautiful Clonakilty just 45 mins. outside Cork City. Not everybody can travel to our studio and we create invitations for couples worldwide. Our ranges include a Classic collection which sits along side our Inspiration and Luxury / Bespoke Collections. We also carry a range of beautiful Civil Ceremony invitations for same sex marriages. While some of our designs are simple and elegant with a fresh contemporary twist we also create some more opulent pieces such as silk folios or mini booklets with pockets to hold a reply card, all can be adorned with hand tied ribbons. We love to create pieces reflecting couples individual taste and personality and work closely with each couple to ensure their design requirements are met as well as ensuring the design stays within their preferred budget.

Whatever style of wedding you are having, Finer Details will tailor your invitation suite with meticulous detail and expertise and paired with your unique style this results in an invitation of uncompromising quality. The design possibilities are endless.

9. Asking for ‘cash gifts’ on invites can be a touchy subject; how do you

best advise your clients to approach this? Do you have any nice, unusual poems to ask for cash gifts that you could share with us?

Any good reputable stationer will strongly advise against this. If a couple is hoping to receive a cash gift this should only be conveyed in conversation by family. It should never be printed on an invitation. Unusual poems, can still insult some guests. Your wedding invitation is an invitation to family & close friends to witness the exchange of your marriage vows. Your guests are not under obligation to give you a gift, although it is custom and tradition that they do.

If you want to get in touch with Marie you will find all her contact details below.

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