I did the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon

First off, apologies! I know I’ve been very lax this week with the posts. I have a good reason though. Well actually I have two! On Monday I took part in the biggest Women’s event in the world! The Flora Women’s Mini Marathon which took place here in Dublin on June 6th! Over 40,000 women ran, jogged and walked through the streets of Dublin in aid of several hundred different deserving charities! I myself did it in aid of BeLong To; which is a national youth service for Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) young people in Ireland,who my dearest little brother works for.When he first asked if I would walk the Mini Marathon in aid of BeLong To I said yes before knowing how long, or involved it would be. Yes, 10km is no mountain, but still it was a considerable distance for someone like me [really, really, really unfit]. But I have to say though I loved it! In fact [ I hasten to add] I could have gone further! I felt a huge sense of empowerment and sense of achievement when I crossed that finish line in less then 2 hours [about 1 hour 55 minutes!]. I am already considering next year… this time I am thinking I’ll jog… I know, wonders truly will never cease!

My charity of choice for 2012? Well if I can get Brides Against Breast Cancer of of the ground before then I think I’ll do it for them… maybe even in a wedding dress! … watch this space!

If you did have it in your heart to sponsor me for my great efforts [ 🙂 ] you can do so safely and securely on my My Charity Page until July 6th 2011.

Ohhh and the second reason for the lack of posts lately… I’m afraid I’m sick 🙁 … I know… boo hoo… I do promise though to make a big effort over the next few days and I have some super exciting Guest Posts coming up over the next couple of weeks!!

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