6 Great Bridal Party Gift Ideas

By Guest Blogger & Bride Sarah Ellis 

Your bridesmaids have listened to you weigh the options between floral arrangements, whine about the stresses of choosing your reception meal, thrown you engagement parties, wedding showers and bachelorette shindigs, not to mention their help with decorating, advice and more. They’ve done A LOT for you, and all because they love you and want to celebrate your marriage. Of course, you’d do the same for them (and maybe already have), but you want to say thank you in the best way you can. But, as if paying for a wedding and newlywed money talks weren’t enough to stress you out, adding another expense to your to do list is the last thing you want to think about.

How do you strike a balance between giving the proper “thank you” gift and sticking within your budget? Stay away from silly things you wouldn’t want to receive, or wouldn’t know what to do with. You know your friends, so get them something they won’t want to toss! I have a few suggestions for giving a meaningful thank you to your bridesmaids:

1. Give them a gift basket: 

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect gift for each of your bridesmaids, but giving them a gift basket (either the same, or unique to each bridesmaid) is a fun way to gather a few small treasures and make it feel like a substantial gift. Use a creative container that they’ll be able to re-use again: a cosmetics case, a cute storage basket, or even a tote bag! Fill with trinkets like lotions, candles, gift cards, candy, coffee cups, journals, or decorative wine glasses. Again, it’s easy to customize with individual gifts for each bridesmaid with colors or the items you choose. It’s a fun thing to put together!


2. Customize something for them: 

Whether it’s a robe, pair of fuzzy slippers, or travel bag, choose a gift that they’ll really use and add their initials. The gesture of adding their engraved or embroidered initial can make any gift feel more personal. However, be warned! This technique can get pretty cheesy! Stay away from picture frames and trinket boxes – they typically get added to the clutter that no one really wants or knows what to do with.

3. Give them something to use in the wedding: 

 Whether the gift is a gorgeous pair of earrings that match their dresses, a clutch purse that they’ll use at the reception, or even a shawl to keep them warm in the evening chill, make sure they’ll be able to use it again. That doesn’t mean it won’t match your bridal party’s dresses, just keep in mind that they’ll want to be able to make use of the gift after the fact.

These gift ideas can be similarly used for the groomsmen. A cheapo flask and beer mug have been wildly overdone. Help your guy come up with something his friends will really get a kick out of. 

Does the group of guys always hit up a certain concert or sporting event? Maybe snag tickets for the group this year. Something that can be extra valuable to a group of guy friends, is setting aside some “man time.” With the stresses of newlywed life, not hangin’ with the guys 24/7 can take a toll on your man. Encourage him to plan a weekend for his groomsmen. Maybe rent a hotel or a cabin for the group and get the plans going. This can and should be incorporated into his groomsmen gifts, even if he’s not singularly footing the bill. If the group loves camping get an accessory they’ll all use on the trip and use the time to initiate a yearly “dudes” only trip. Plus: Ladies, this suggestion will win you points with your man and all of his buds! It’s also healthy for both of you to get away and reconnect with your friends, apart from each other as a couple. Think of it as an investment in your marriage 🙂

Whatever you give them, make sure you include a personal note. Saying thank you with a card that highlights your awareness of everything they’ve done for you (with wedding planning and in your friendship) is the most meaningful part of the gift. Sure, they’ll enjoy the trinkets they receive, but a heartfelt thanks means the most. That will be clear with a handwritten thank you note!
Like mentioned before, the gifts are meant to be a proper thank you for the people who have invested in you as a person and you as a couple. That doesn’t mean you have to shell out the big bucks, but make whatever you give them a gift from your heart. They’ll appreciate that!
Author Bio: I’m no expert, but planning my wedding has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life! Everything from planning our decorations, to our honeymoon has been such a joy. In life outside of wedding planning, I write about useful travel accessories, play with our precious little puppy Luna, and plan up a future (and a mighty cool bucket list) with my FABULOUS fiance.
photo credits: basket, bags, handbagheaven.com

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