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Large Wedding Cupcake by Genuine Cakes

Who doesn’t love cake? Specifically wedding cake? Ok, for me some cakes can be lethal… being wheat intolarant and all, but with so many cake specialists and bakerys now offering gluten free options I find this being less and less of an issue.

My long time readers will know how fond of wedding cake I am, in fact I think every second post in January either featured or was about wedding cake. [ Who was I kidding with those new years resolutions?!]

So with a two months break [ish] I thought it time to do a bit of a ‘tips and feature’ on wedding cake.

So here we go…

The Wedding Cake is full of tradition and symbolism. Did you know: that cutting the wedding cake is symbolic of a couples first task together as a married couple? And feeding each other with the first piece of wedding cake is symbolic of their commitment to provide for each other? – and you thought it was all about trying to mash as much of the cake into each other’s faces as possible! Tsk! Tsk!

I could go on and on and on on the history of the wedding cake, but I wont… [not in this post at least] I’ll get down to some top tips for helping you chose your cake, your style and your baker! [With massive help from the great and talented people at Genuine Cakes – how fab is that name by the way? AND this cake?]

Indian Inspired Wedding Cake by Genuine Cakes


8 Tips for choosing your Wedding Cake 

1. Unless you’ve seen the must have cake, that you’ve centred your entire wedding around, its a good idea to have your wedding colours, theme, style, and guest numbers sorted before looking at wedding cakes and take to cake specialists.
2. You can start speaking to bakers and cake specialists from as early as 18 months out from the wedding, but realistically you can leave it 12 –  8 months out and no shorter then 2 months out or they might not to be able to accommodate you.

Genuine Cakes

3. If you’ve got big wedding cake dreams but the budget doesn’t match up, talk to your cake specialist about including dummy tiers or having a fake cake!
4. If you have your heart set on a specific type of cake, search out a specialist in this area.

Genuine Cakes

5. Always try before you buy! Cake tastings are not only fun, they are essential; you will spend a lot on a wedding cake, a few hundred euro at least, make sure its right before you place your order!
6. While fruit cake is the traditional wedding cake, its not always a favourite; consider a fruit cake without the bits [ a speciality at Genuine Cakes] or a cake with many different flavoured tiers; such as red velvet, peanut butter, chestnut or rose to name be a few!

Genuine Cakes

7. Serve your wedding cake as desert and arrange to have ice cream, chocolate sauce or a fruit coulis to accompany it – yummy!
8. Before booking your cake specialist make sure they include/ provide transportation and setting up of your wedding cake to your reception venue.

Some what is popular with wedding cakes? 

Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers by Genuine cakes

Our good friends at Genuine Cakes tell us that its still the stacked cake in either rounds or squares that tickle most couples taste buds and that fondant sugar paste tops the icing list.

While bride and groom cake toppers are always popular there is a continuing growing trend to have fresh flowers incorporated into the wedding cake.

How big a wedding cake do you order? 

Of course your cake specialist will guide you on this based on your guest numbers, style and of course budget, but roughly speaking:

For 100 guests you will need a 3 Tiered cake of  6”, 8”, 10”       
For 150 – 170 guests you will need a 4 Tiered cake of  6”, 8”, 10”, 12”        
For 200 – 250 guests you will need a 5 Tiered cake of  6”, 8”, 10”, 12, 14
How make guests will you feed per tier?  
Generally speaking wedding cakes are not served as desert and so are really only given as a token gesture. When cutting a cake, with this in mind, the recommended cake slice size is 2″ x 1″. 
And using the 2″x1″ portion size as a guide, from a square tier you would get the following:
Genuine Cakes

Wow… after all that I’m starved and craving a nice big cup of tea and equally big slice of cake! Big thank you to Genuine Cakes for all their help with this post and be sure to check out their fab and really helpful website!

And a special thanks to my twitter buddy @ProposePR for putting me in touch with their very talented client Genuine Cakes!

Ps Wedding Prof guys @ProposePR is the first and only PR Agency in the UK dedicated to representing brands in the Wedding Industry, check them out at www.proposepr.com

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