So you’re thinking about an Outdoor Wedding?

On a day like today, when the sky is the bluest I’ve seen in months, when there isn’t a cloud in sight and the gentle breeze is filled with the most delicious floral aromas I don’t blame you! The one thing you have to bare in mind, for an Irish Wedding that is, that legally your wedding must take place in a solid, permanent building open to the public – but that doesn’t rule out blessings or outdoor receptions. For those of you living in countries that do permit outdoor ceremonies, [today] I am jealous! Even more so when I take in some of these great ideas!


outdoor wedding1



outdoor wedding2




Ok, that’s me for the day! Back out to enjoy this glorious weather, drink some of the delicious cocktails my hubby is shaking up and pop over to my folks for a bit of a barbie later! -Don’t you just love lazy summery Sundays?

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