New Wedding Book; should I write one?

In my life [outside weddings that is] I’ve just completed my first novel, I hope it will be on book shelves late this year or early next, but that is yet to be confirmed. And with my [very first] wedding book, Distinctive Weddings; Tying the Knot without the Rope Burns now 3 years old I’m getting itchy feet and thinking a second wedding book might just be on the cards?

I am older and wiser, to both weddings and publishing and having gone through an extreme revolution in both industries and have a lot of information and ideas to share, so a new wedding book might be just what the doctor [as well as my bank balance :)]ordered for me.

But my question is, do brides read wedding books still or are the more interested in wedding blogs? Have wedding blogs replaced traditional wedding print media of books and magazines?

What do you prefer?

Wedding Books
Wedding Blogs
Wedding Magazines
Or a combination of all of the above?

Cast your votes now in the comments!

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  1. by Peters Girl on April 11, 2011  7:31 pm Reply

    I feel like it's almost sacrilege to say it but, I don't like wedding magazines very much. Despite the wealth of gorgeous things out there in the wedding world, the mags I see are always very samey.
    I obviously am a big bridal blog fan, maybe I'm just at the right age to get the most out of it - old enough to have an attention span lasting more than two minutes and young enough to be ok with new media.
    I would love a gorgeous wedding book or two for the bookshelf, but I don't know whether I would really get the €25 worth out of it.

    Don't know how good that is to you, just my thoughts.

  2. by Bláithín on April 11, 2011  7:33 pm Reply

    Thanks! All 'tuppence worth' much appreciated - no point in putting hours and months of my life into a new wedding book if it would be best developing the blog or perhaps a series of ebooks? Maybe that is the way to go?

  3. by Mimi on April 12, 2011  12:42 am Reply

    Lots of brides go online for info now, but remember not everyone has access to a computer. It's wonderful to snuggle up with a wedding book to dream and to plan.

  4. by Lisa O'Dwyer on April 12, 2011  11:55 am Reply

    I think if you can make the wedding book "different", then people would buy it. It has to be different than the magazines.
    I love magazines (read them in the bath which I can't do with a computer!), but I'm really disappointed in some of the ones here. I submitted a "Real Wedding" to a very popular wedding mag here. They loved it, said they wanted it for their next issue, and even got in contact with the bride and groom. Then a month later, they rang to say "you do understand that you'll have to take out an ad for us to feature your wedding".
    This sounds faintly illegal to me as if you take out a ad for an editorial feature, it should be stated that the featured wedding is an ad.
    So I don't really look at the Irish wedding mags anymore because I know the real weddings are taken out as ads. But, i don't think this is true of B Magazine. They are featuring a wedding of mine soon and there has been no talk of taking out an ad.
    Long-winded, but I think if you can make the book look different from an ad-driven mag, then you have something.

  5. by Bláithín on April 12, 2011  5:13 pm Reply

    I'm the same Mimi - love a good wedding book!

    Lisa that is ridiculous and I would agree with the 'bordering on the illegal' [as well as the insane!].

    Yes a wedding book with a difference - that is definitely the key...

    Decisions! Decisions!

    Thanks for your input so far ladies!

  6. by brideandjoy on April 13, 2011  3:35 pm Reply

    I'd love to read a wedding book written from an Irish perspective in light of the new economic situation we find ourselves in! Thumbs up from me Bláithin.

    I think blogs, magazines, books all have their place.

    A good book will see you through all stages of your wedding planning and act as a go-to reference.

    Magazines (especially Irish magazines) are slow to adapt to the new whimsical, vintage, DIY wedding aesthetic. Editorially they are slowly catching on, but some of the advertisements in the magazines are so dated and don't really appeal to me. Like Lisa says, they're handy to read in the bath or on a train or to have in your handbag to flick through.

    And as for blogs, these are where I get all my inspiration for my wedding and although I'm totally biased, I love them! They are the new taste makers but not all brides-to-be have the access or the interest so there will always be space for magazines and of course books.

    And well done on finishing your novel too!

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