Inside the 75 Handbags of a Wedding Planner

This weekend I set myself the task of photographing all my handbags. I had good reason; my closet space is tight and when I’m looking for something nice to dress up an outfit I always find myself amidst a major handbag mess and then for days afterwards they are strewn all over the bedroom. So in the interest of cleanliness [and slight peace of mind] I decided that if I catalogued all the handbags I have it would be easier to view them in a picture folder on my desktop then searching through the various nooks and crannys I have them housed in around the bedroom.

My little project taught me a couple of things:

1. I have ALOT of handbags, 75 in total.
2. I now know where all my pens are.
3. I carry the oddest things at times.
4. I need to clear out more often!

So you may not care or even want to know what I found in my handbags but here you go:

18 Pens
1 Ball of Twine
2 Measuring Tapes
73 Bobby Bins
2 Note Pads
4 Tubes of Lipsticks
3 Lip Glosses
97c [ mostly made up of 1c & 2c]
16 Safety Pins
2 Garters
2 Mascaras
1 Tube of Hand Cream
1 Comb
3 Bottles of Nail Varnish [ Jungle Nude, Cherry Jubilee and Clear]
1 Boxes of Straight Pins
3 Nail Files
1 Roll of Floristry Tape
2 Rolls of Masking Tape
6 Pearlised Pins
1 Bottle of Water
1 Bottle of Coke
7 Packets of Tissues
2 Jars of Vicks
Half a Pack of Strepsals
1 Baby’s Rattle
23 Old Receipts
Too many to count tissues
1 Spoon
4 Mass Booklets
1 Lollipop
7 Earrings [ 3 sets and a loner 🙁 ]
1 Bottle of Handsanitzer
1 Roll of Cream Ribbon
3 Buttons
1 Watch
1 Camera Battery
2 Packets of Gum
1 Bottle Opener
4 Bottles of Perfume [2 Bottles of Romance, a Bottle of Pink and a Bottle of Hypnosis]
1 Lighter
2 Tubes of Nail Glue
3 Unity Candles
1 Packet of Gel Soles
19 Artificial Red Rose Petals

Even I was surprised at some of the items… considering I do have an actual Wedding Pack Bag that carries all the ’emergency’ type wedding paraphernalia I bring with me.

So what’s the funniest/ weirdest/ most unusual thing you’ve ever found in your handbag?

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