Wedding Cakes: The Elegance of Keeping it Simple.

Is there anything truly as nice as a wedding cake? Yes we all love birthday cake, and dessert cake and any other cake for that matter, but really, is there anything as nice [looking or tasting] as a wedding cake? I think not!There are many arguments, many reasons and many photos that would encourage you to opt for something flash/ new/ designer/ exciting/ on-trend but I think these images speak from themselves and the ‘keep it simple for your wedding cake’ cause. Don’t you agree?

Images from:
NakNakShak Blog
Little Things 

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  1. by Naomi on March 31, 2011  4:34 pm Reply

    I'm a cake I love all of these cakes...problem is my bottom half loves it a little bit more than I do..if you know what I mean! :-) My favorite is the second cake. The color, the simplicity of it all appeals to my minimalist nature.

  2. by Bláithín on March 31, 2011  5:04 pm Reply

    Here's your sister Naomi! Although as I'm wheat intolerant its a real love/ hate relationship of late!

  3. by Peters Girl on March 31, 2011  6:46 pm Reply

    Oh, I love the top and bottom one! I love something a bit different with the icing at the moment.

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