The Engagement Shoot; A true love story.

The Game of Life = 1 Proposal + 2 Sweethearts + 3 Engagement Shoots.


Before I elaborate let me introduce Melissa & Ben, the stars of this love story.

Happiness; beautifully captured by Spencer Combs

Imagine, one day, across a crowded pew you spot him, this gorgeous, dashing guy with a wide smile and twinkling eyes. He’s a senior and you’re a junior.

Finally he asks you out…

And over time teenage crushes


Many blissful moments pass…





Then one rainy weekend afternoon Melissa and Ben play a board game. Melissa lands on a square, it tells her to ‘Get Married’, as she looks up and smiles, Ben looks across and says…. ‘Will you marry me?’


And that’s how The Game of Life lead to 1 proposal for 2 sweethearts who had 3 photoshoots to celebrate their love.


So until the day when they are wed

Two beautifully pieces of artwork, painted by Melissa’s father, keep each of our love birds in mind of the other, until the artwork and our sweethearts will be reunited, on their wedding day.



Many sincere thanks to Melissa and Ben who allowed me to share their story and these amazing photo shoots with you all. 
The Engagement Shoots took place in rural Decorah, Iowa among the bluffs, springs, and on Melissa & Ben’s college campus, as well as in town at a local ice cream shop and behind some of the old buildings. They were all shot by the talented Spencer Combs, a recent winner of the Minnesota Bride’s Best of Photography in 2010. 
I should also mention that Melissa runs and owns Birdcage Bridal – The place to buy and sell new and used wedding items!
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  1. by Naomi Goodman on March 2, 2011  3:19 am Reply

    What a great story! Land on get married and they got married!

  2. by Aisling Nelson on March 2, 2011  10:50 am Reply

    Three photo-shoots - Looks like they had lots of fun!

  3. by Bláithín on March 2, 2011  4:15 pm Reply

    @Naomi - wasn't Ben such a cutie?

    @Jacin - I totally agree!

    @Aisling - it definitely does, and what amazing photos to show for it!

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