16 Buttonholes to inspire you!

Yesterday’ post got me thinking, when I think wedding flowers my main focus is always bride, church and reception. I’m ashamed to say the groom can often be an after thought for me when it comes to flowers – which is ironic really because I HATE when another plain boring buttonhole is pinned to a grooms lapel!Yes buttonholes are small. [And I REALLY hate when a massive bloom is used that is so top heavy it often falls to the side, or just beheads itself.]Yes they often get squished and squashed with all the hugs and kisses [that’s why you order a second for after the receiving line]

But so so so much can be done with them, here are some of my favourite floral [because you can get really creative with them and have no flowers at all 😉 ] buttonholes:

Baby’s Breath, so simple!
Chestnut, Wire Spirals, Lilly grass, Amaranthus, Austrailian Pine and a touch of Coxcomb : Source
Love the strong autumnal vibe here! Source
Calla Lilly & Berries: Source
How amazing does the burgundy of the Calla Lilly look with the steel tie? Source
Love the colours, love the leaves! Source
Not sure what these ‘mini me’ roses are call – but they are too cute! Source
So elegant! Source
Love the use of pins here. Source
To me, totally fresh & funky and of course screams Barn Wedding! Source
One word: Totally Cool, ok that was two! Source

So you see, get creative! Give the Groom something befitting the main man of the day!

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