My Royal Wedding Watching Party

Just sent my invites…

So I appreciate that its a work day for us Irish and that not all my friends are as obsessed about weddings, specifically a Royal Wedding, as I am – but sure hey, I live in hope that one or two will actually want to come and have some fun with me, on what, no doubt will be the Wedding talk of the Century!

I even plan to add a little ‘International’ flare to my Royal Wedding Watching Party by hooking up via Skype with some gorgeous wedding friends in Richmond! And of course with the rest of the world via twitter too!

Anyone else planning a little shin dig? Love to hear what you are doing!

Menus, games, props and decoration ideas to follow… 🙂

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What a sweet ride for the new Mr. & Mrs. Royal


  1. by Heidi on March 3, 2011  7:57 pm Reply

    I'm having a Royal Wedding Watch Party!! So far, I've ordered glittery tiaras for us all to wear and had little custom made buttons with Wills & Kate on them ( and their engagement photo). I faxed save the date announcements to all invited and now I'm working on decorations and food!
    Lots of fun, though!

  2. by Bláithín on March 13, 2011  4:07 pm Reply

    I wow sounds great Heidi - love the glittery tiara idea and the buttons!- how did you make the buttons?

  3. by Anonymous on March 17, 2011  1:59 pm Reply

    Absolutely, I am having a Wills and Kate Tie the Knot Tea Party on the morning of the wedding. Asked my guests (mostly stay home moms) to wear old bridesmaids dresses and we'll be decorating our own souvenir coffee mugs, but most importantly, we'll be watching. Problem, however, how will it be broadcast since it will be 6am here? Can they delay it for us?

  4. by Anonymous on March 20, 2011  2:07 pm Reply

    I'm also hosting a wedding watch dinner party in Australia. I gave my friends titles on the invites and they are asked to come dressed as royalty. I have ordered a few bits from the UK to decorate the 2 rooms such as flags and the cardboard cut outs. When guests arrive my husband (dressed in suit with white gloves) will announce their arrival (with trumpet music) and we will be ushered in to the formal lounge before being seated for dinner. The table will be set up like a wedding reception but with a tv at one end to watch the actual wedding together. I also found cute enchanting carriage wedding favour boxes which I'm using as place name cards. Am so excited!!

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