Will you be getting a rare 14.23 carat pink diamond for Christmas?

We’ve just had one of the largest engagement announcements of the year, well the century really, with Prince William and Kate Middleton and with just 32 days left in the year will we hear about the largest engagement ring announcement?

Very possibly!

With 42% of engagements taking place in December, January and February a whole host of lucky ladies will find their beaus down on bended knee or tiny boxes under the tree. But will your ‘soon -to-be’ Fiancé purpose with this?

This stunning, rare diamond is 14.23 carats and called The Perfect Pink. If your man’s got a spare $23 million laying around you could well be seeing this gorgeous diamond very soon!

The Perfect Pink sold at a Christie’s auction yesterday to anonymous Hong Kong based buyer and is one of only 18 perfect pink diamonds, that are bigger than 10 carats, to go on sale through auction in the auction houses 244 history!

Check out The Independent for the full story!

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