The World’s most Expensive Wedding Dress

They say money can’t buy you love or happiness and in this case sense. I’m a big fan of wedding dresses, love them, there are perhaps few women who don’t, but even I draw the line at this.

€8.7 Million smackers and its yours. 

That’s ‘all’ you have to pay for the world’s most expensive wedding dress, €8.7 million [$12 million]. Now I bet you are thinking, ok, I’m a billionaire, I can afford that… so you might be able to afford it but you really want this ensemble?

Designed and created by jeweler Martin Katz and dressmaker Renee Strauss the dress featuring a stunning 150 carats worth of diamonds laced throughout. The pictured veil does sparkle, but not with diamonds, instead, the with rhinestones?! [WTF] I’m thinking if I had €8.7 mill to splash on a diamond wedding dress I would want a veil to match to!

While I wont be raiding my piggy bank to buy this, em ‘creation’, the dress, which was first unveiled in February 2006, remains unsold, and I’m told that Martin & Renee are open to offers. I suppose one good about buying this wedding dress is that its sure to hold its resale value? [Isn’t it?]

Images from: The Diamond Blog

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