My IT List

The inaugural ‘IT List’ 

Bet you are wondering what exactly this is all going to be about? Well its simple really, in my opinion, these guys have got ‘IT’. They are either fun, funky or fabulous and a wedding must have! [ At least a wedding must have this week!, I’m a woman, I’m prone to changing my mind.]

First up…. [drum roll please]

The French Touch, floral design.

If I truly was a little flower [ its what Bláithín means ] I would want to be arranged by these guys. Their work is Amazing. Photos don’t even do just to the gorgeous and somehow totally simply and elegant bouquets and arrangements they create.Today I am loving this fabulous blue hydrangea bouquet & candle arrangements.

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Next up…

Best Wishes, video booths 

I love a bit of wedding tech, and this is one of the most fun, and potentially most embarrassing I’ve come across in some time. This tidy, compact wedding booth will provide hours of entertainment to your guests and to you, once you watch all the fun, interesting and sometimes drunken messages that you are left.

While the Best Wishes video booth definitely has the novelty factor going for it, I do like that fact that its not a videographer ‘pointing at you’ and with it being tucked away in the corner of a reception room or lobby area, it  gives guests the chance to have a think about what they are going to say, so you don’t end up with; ‘great day and all the best for the future’ times 150.

For full details check out

And finally, for today’s IT List…

Buck Mooney’s, hen parties with a difference!

This is just a hoot! Definitely not every b2b’s cup of tea, but with a jam packed day of ho downs in the hay, treasure hunts in a darkened maze, wagon jaunts in the wild country and being kidnapped by Tribal Indians, making your own stone baked pizza and planting a tree, which you are welcomed back to visit, it definitely offers Hens, and their parties something totally different and unique, and sure isn’t that what the IT List is all about?!

Check out all the shenanigans that go on at a Buck Mooney hen party here

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