What a Groom’s Cake!!

I was first introduced to the tradition of a Groom’s Cake by a [truly gorgeous] American couple, who I had the pleasure of planning their [destination] Cork wedding a few years ago.

The Groom’s cake, generally a gift from the bride to the groom, is a second cake, used during the wedding reception and most commonly found at weddings in the Deep South and Eastern States of the US, although it has, for a number of years, begin gathering momentum, pretty much everywhere!

It’s origin is unclear but has, over the years, become to symbolise [possibly] the only masculine element of a wedding day. While the Groom’s Cake is not the main cake of focus, and often smaller and less decorated over the years groom’s wishing to inject their on sense of style and personality into their wedding day have used ‘their’ cake to do so.

Since first being ‘introduced’ to the groom’s cake I’ve seen many styles and types, but I have to say, I think, by a mile, that this Lord of the Rings Groom’s Cake, takes the biscuit! This complete scene with wizards, hobbits and Tree-beard is almost too good to eat, forget the groom’s cake I want it! [And I’m not even a big Lord of the Rings fan!]

Images from Carries Cakes

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  1. by Kristina - Fairfield CT DJ on July 2, 2012  3:53 am Reply

    Wow! That wedding cake is so unique. Thumbs up to the creative bakers out there. Ho I wish I could have talented hands like you. Keep posting!!

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