The Chandelier; an extreme wedding diy project.

How brave a DIY bride do you think you are?

The thoughts of designing and making your own wedding stationary probably isn’t phasing you. You might even be considering making and icing your own wedding cake. You’ve taken a look at a couple of patterns thinking; how hard can it be to make a wedding dress? You consider yourself handy, you haven’t even broken a sweat at the prospect of a bridal bouquet, 3 for the bridesmaids, 7 buttonholes, 24 pew ends, 5 alter arrangements and 16 table centrepieces… but how to do you feel about the ultimate wedding DIY project; The Chandelier!

Be warned this DIY wedding project is not for the faint hearted. Reportedly it has taken some brides to be 3 [dedicated] weeks to make just one of this amazing creations. This is the ultimate in wedding dedication, but if you managed to pull it off, especially several of them, the effect would be amazing!

For the brave bride a full tutorial on how to make them can be found here on Craft Stylish . Kudos to the paper Chandeliers creator Jeffery Rudell who made the above masterpiece for Tiffany & Co’s holiday window last year!

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