How to make your own Cascading Bridal Bouquet

There is no denying that DIYing your wedding has always been a trend, lately it seems to be an even bigger trend and while I am an advocate of having professionals do there thing, after all, they are professional, I do understand that for a whole host of reasons its not always practical or possible for you to hire a professional for every aspect.

Even though I am on record as saying you should always hire a professional photographer, florist and baker for your wedding [at the very least] I have come across some simple and effect ‘how to’s’ on flowers that I have to share.

For a gorgeous and realistic [fake] floral cascading bridal bouquet this video is quick and easy to understand and should give confidence to the most ‘un’-green thumbed brides out there!

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  1. by Polly Pierce on June 14, 2011  5:55 pm Reply

    Another tip if you would like a cascading bouquet with ivy is to gather your own, using a variety of sized leaves, even plain green combined with variegated green and white. It made a wonderful wedding present when the local florist made it up with beautiful fresh blooms into a trailing bouquet... (You will often find ivy growing in church yards, cemetery's or school grounds.)

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