How to ice a wedding cake.

I’ve been bold and while I have been replying to the questions that you email me I haven’t been posting many of those replies! One I get asked often is how do you ice a wedding cake.

First Ill say, as much as I love eating cake, I’m not a cake[making] specialist, [or icing specialist] for that matter. If you or a relative has been kind enough to bake you a cake for your wedding some bakers will actually ice it for you. Depending on the size this can cost between €80 – €150 [and of course more] and this would be an option I would recommend first as there is nothing worse than a badly iced cake.

For those who are supper brave and as well as baking the cake are also going to ice it this is short video on how to easily ice a round tiered wedding cake.

Best of luck! [oh and send me pics of your work!]

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