Easy Retro Wedding Make Up

Yes, I’m on a big ‘how to’ buzz this week. Ironic really cause I am a total advocate for professionals! But even I appreciate sometimes you either have to or want to do it yourself!

When I found this vlog I had to share; I’m having a Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller Fancy Dress for Halloween and in the midst of preparing the house, cooking and cleaning for the party I really wont have the time to head out and get my hair and make up done; so I’ve cheated slightly. For my hair, I’m bought a wig… I know… shameful, but don’t worry I will do a little bit of styling to it, so really its not that bad! For my make up, well that will be a total DIY job by moi… made a hell of alot easier by these two fab vlogs!

These do exactly what they say I the tin ‘ Easy Retro Wedding Make Up ‘ – simple, easy steps to follow with a great look at the end and while I am going to use them to re-create Marilyn Monroe any bride to be out there looking for retro make up ideas for her wedding day, look no further!

Check them up for yourself [its a two-parter]



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