I think, quite possibly, that I am in love… with a wedding dress.

I seem to see this dress every where I turn.

Justin Alexander Bridal

Be it a magazine, a blog or even the TV, its there and I honestly think I am in love with it. I would go so far as to say, this is THE dress.

What do you mean, I hear you ask?

Well as you know, or at least, as some of you know, I am married, over 3 years now but did we really all expect one wedding would be enough for me, in all seriousness?

Of course it wouldn’t! No sooner had I walked down the aisle then I turned to my darling James and told him I want to do it all again…

Now I would love to have the finances that Seal & Claudia posses, but as talented as I am, I neither have the time, nor the moola  to do it annually. So from day one [day one being my wedding day], I’ve always said that I am doing it all again in ten years. Ok, I know you’ve now thrown your eyes up to heaven, but hey… I love weddings…

Will you get a invite for the 7th of July 2017? – you never know!

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  1. by Anonymous on June 19, 2012  1:58 pm Reply

    my friend will get married in this dress in 2 weeks :)

    • by Bláithín on June 20, 2012  1:20 pm Reply

      oh how excited! what a stunning dress!! I just love it!!

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