Bridal Make Up; 13 Do’s and 8 Don’t s

13 ‘Do’s’ of Bridal Make Up

1. Do drink plenty of water in the lead up [ and always] to ensure your skin has a health, clean and clear appearance.

2. Do adapt a good, daily, cleansing, toning and moisturising routine. – Foundation is key – and I’m not talking about the liquid variety here.
3. Do get plenty of sleep; this helps to avoid dark circles and gives a well rested appearance.
4. Do use a make up professional to do your Bridal Make Up.
5. Do have a make up trial.
6. Do select more golden-toned bases and concealers, these translate better for photography, whether on video or in pictures.
7. Do use more natural lighter colour choices when choosing eye shadow, blusher and lip colours. Bridal make-up is all about your natural healthy beauty shining through and not about dramatic colours or shading.
8. Do wear “Pink” tones of blush and lipstick if blonde.
9. Do wear “Peach” tones if brunette. 
10. Do wear  “Bronze” tones if a red head.
11. Do experiment with different shades of the same base colour to find the best look.
12 .Do apply a small dollop of lip gloss to the centre of the mouth to make the lips appear fuller.
13. Do apply rosy blush to the apple of the cheeks.  There’s nothing like a blushing bride!

8 ‘Don’t s’ of Bridal Make Up

1. Don’t get carried away with shimmer highlighters or light-refractive make-up. In photos shimmer can easily turn into an unflattering and highly reflective shine, not a good look!

2. Don’t get too much sun before your wedding day. Sunburn, tan lines and peeling skin can sabotage your day, not to mention your pictures.
3. Don’t overdo the make-up with dramatic colours; the contrast will be too great with your dress.
4. Don’t apply false eyelashes for the first time on your wedding day.  Practice first.
5. Don’t wax or give yourself a facial the night before your wedding. These should be done 5 days before your wedding day.
6. Don’t overload your lashes with too many coats of mascara. Clumpy lashes are a no-no when your groom looks deep into your eyes and will look awful in any close up photography.
7. Don’t forget to wear blush, flash photography can make you look pale and worn out.
8. Don’t wear a lipstick that is neutral or frosted, this will make you look pale and tired. 

Images from Santorini Weddings, My Space 

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