Patterned Bridesmaid Dresses

It’s not something you see often, a patterned bridesmaid dress and while my [personal] jury is still out on whether or not I like them, I can see the appeal for some brides.

My own mother is a woman definitely into her pattern. The bigger, the bolder, the better. In fact she loves pattern SO much that I remember as a teenager you would see, my little round mother, peddling up the road on her pink and white bike [yes I said pink and white] from miles away!

I suppose, in a way, this post is a tribute to her pattern loving ways [cause she’s away and I’m missing her 🙁 ]

This black and white, large print, floral pattern looks great with the yellow daises. Way to rock the pattern girls!

Am lovin the candy strips! This pic has a decidedly nautical theme and I love love the red wedges! Perhaps there is more to patterned bridesmaid dresses than I first thought? How are you feeling so far?

Something a little more subtle. I love the way the bridesmaid’s flowers pop against the fabric, some great colour choices going on here. The whole ensemble is cute, simple and girlie and while I like it and I appreciate that the subtle pattern makes the bride stand out more I just feel, as a bridesmaid dress, its a bit of a let down. – that’s just me though.

Wow, blue, white and yellow – possibly one of my favourite combinations right now. Again I think the pattern works wonders here and this pic is definitely making me fall in love with patterned bridesmaid dresses and wondering where else could you incorporate pattern into a wedding. [Although maybe not all at once!]

When I am away, or travelling, this green reminds me of home. It reminds me of the fields as you fly into Dublin airport and the colour of my parents post box. Alongside the white of the flower girls and Bride it looks amazing. I think these patterned bridesmaid dresses would work just as well for a beach wedding as they would [ a slightly less sunny] Irish summer wedding.

Images from: The Budget Savvy Bride , The Knot, , Stout Photography, Gabriel Ryan, Brook Swchab Photography,

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  1. by Elyse on January 17, 2011  5:26 pm Reply

    Hey..can you give me any information about the patterned dress 3 down from the top (it's below the red and white pin stripe and above the blue with yellow flowers) I'm looking for a patterned bridesmaid dress for my wedding and I love love love the subtle pattern and color scheme in this picture. Do you know where the dress came from or any contact info of anyone in the picture?? If you can't give me their contact info just let me know, I have no problem giving mine and having them contact me. Whoever's pic this was has fabulous taste!

  2. by Anonymous on March 15, 2011  9:49 pm Reply

    Hi! Where can I find the first black and white pattern dress with the yellow flowers??? I love them!

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