Bridal Bouquets, done a little differently.

One thing brides are always on the outlook for is how they can make their big day a little special or a little different. It’s often the first question a bride or anyone will ask a wedding professional;
How can I do things differently?

Flowers and Bouquets are often areas that are left ‘untouched’, in the sense that many brides don’t think outside the box when it comes to these areas.

Here are 4 Bridal Bouquets each with their own little twist.

I love this bouquet for is classic simplicity, which I am sure you are saying to yourself is beside the point of doing things a little differently; which is true. But here you see how this bride has wrapped her Grandmother’s lace hanky and delicate rosary beads around the stems.
Such a lovely little personal touch I think.

I love the shape of this bouquet, its not something you would see everyday. Personally I could do without the trailing detailing but I think the overall effect is something unusual and different and opens the concept up to using many different textures or materials with its more solid form.

This I love! Perhaps its because it is something so different to the norm or that it is reminiscent of an era long since gone, I love it all the same. Perhaps more suite to a destination wedding I think it shows how you can achieve dramatic results by thinking slight outside of the box!

This reminds me of the layers of a cake, which I think are further emphasised by the blocks of colour. Which is another favourite of mine; coloured bouquets for brides – I think its a must! I just love the way coloured flowers pop against white and ivory wedding dresses!!

I am sure you’ll agree this Bridal Bouquet is something totally different. Not to everyone’s taste I expect, I am still on the fence myself, but definitely different none the less.

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