A new take on the Wedding Cake

Grainne from Sligo asks;

We’re not big cake eaters but I would still like ‘wedding cake’ as such, but something different. Cup cakes are cute but is there something different out there that we can have, or even make?


You’re in luck, I have the very idea for you!

Wedding Cake Pops… yes you heard me right, Wedding Cake Pops! AND the great thing about these are you can make them yourself! The idea comes from those delicious folks are Bakerella.

By taking a few simple ingredients, cutters and decorations
You can create something new, innovative, gorgeous and delicious for your wedding!!

And the fun doesn’t stop there!! You could consider personalising them for your guests or even leaving them little messages or wishes. Or take it one step further and use them as a way to propose!!

How cute is that?

For instructions on how to make the wedding cake pops click here

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  1. by lady oblivion on January 28, 2011  3:08 pm Reply

    Thats quite the idea, currently in the early planning stages of our wedding, i have some very clear ideas, but looking on inspiration for details.I am what is called a DIY bride but i have the ways and will, plus im a complete control freak lol. Really enjoying the blog, followed a link on facebook and here I am.

    Keep up the good blogging work

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